Aleees is dedicated to being a professional lithium battery manufacturer for PHEV/HEV applications along with other contributors in the Lithium-ion battery industry, by way of  our products’ outstanding advantage of Long Cycle Life, Fast Charge, Safety and Eco Friendly.

Aleees battery

Aleees committed to the progress of battery technology. We hope to work together with all the people to fight against global warming! We are focused on the breakthrough in battery technology not only for improving the capacity but also for reducing the cost to cope with the exponentially growth trend of petroleum price! We pursue a symbiotic coexistence of environment for human development in the future.

Owing to the yearn for infinite living space and the quest for comfortable living, human beings use the portable energy to meet the inner requirement of self-imagination.

Aleees holds the philosophy that the quality is the first priority, as well as the corporate commitment to "Human Safe and Eco Friendly" to exclusively develop the LFP-NCO (Lithium Ferrous Phosphate Nano Co-crystalline Olivine) (Nano Co-crystalline Olivine™) cathode materials. The cells and battery modules made with such cathode materials will be the solution to energy conservation and the oil crisis in the future.

Cathode material

At large discharge current, typical cathode materials may have insufficient potential due to the material's high resistance so that the lithium ions may be embedded or precipitated and thus the electrochemical properties are reduced which in turn leads to the shortcomings of poor charge and discharge capability at large current and short cycle life.

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