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Urban Model

Aleees is designing and constructing highly class electric bus with whole new designing concepts. From the vehicle frame design, battery efficiency improvement, key material know-how, to the special design of the electrical system, all combined to form the total increment of vehicle performance, presenting a bus with world class on handling, performance, reliability, stability and energy-saving.

Aleees Electric bus not only can provide special customization on all the important specifications such as passenger numbers, seats arrangement, comfortability, and safety, but also provide all kinds of upgrade equipment such as interiors, safety monitoring systems, which make it the best urban bus solution to satisfy the needs of public transportation.

Aleees E-bus is a highly efficient urban transportation solution, comes with outstanding maneuverability and with high passenger loads to satisfy the needs of an urban bus. The Aleees E-Bus Urban model travels between city stops and downtown attractions, delivering the sensation of comfort to the bustle passengers during their traffic hours.