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Elegant Visual Aesthetics

   Crystal Head lights: Daytime running light, with all-condition vehicle alarming effect.





  Heat-isolation large window

 The exceptional large window with the heat-isolating glass to increase the pleasure of traveling. 





Multimedia CE connecting system

10 inch LED touch screen instrument panel provide driver convenient and friendly multimedia connecting interface




High- tech brake design

Provide most safety equipment in car, is not only more stable and integrate high-tech, but also responsible for the protection.





Humanistic and exquisite design

Fully functional cockpit and comfortable driving experience 







Slid door design

The door has auto start stop,

it not only reduce door space,

but also provide ride environment.




High efficiency and Safety Battery

  LFP cathode material developed by Aleees, combined with World-class battery skills to form into one of the world’s best battery Cell.



Charge System:Constantly stable temperature and humid charge environment to extend battery life-time.

Management System:Instant Vehicle Status System can help to balance voltage and power, and further be in control of power usage to protect battery and motor system and extend battery life-time.

Safety Design:Active Turbofan and passive cooling glue to ensure the battery temperature control, combined with automated fire extinguish system activate upon smoke and temperature detection to ensure passenger safety. 



light-weight energy saving equipment

Vehicle weight Reduction: Battery Swap E-Bus averagely weights around 2.5 tons lesser than buses of same class, equip with forged aluminum rim and energy-saving tire, can efficiently reducing 10%~15% energy consumption. 




Charging station with energy storage


Equip Charging station not only have energy solar storage, but also provide electric buses power to efficiency.