The Shipment is Flourishing Aleees Hits a New High Record for the 5 Consecutive Months The Revenue of this November Breaks a Remarkable Record Hit a Phenomenal Milestone

 Aleees(5227) announced on 4ththat during the month of November, the consolidated sales were 3,445 thousand US dollars, compared with 1,366 thousand US dollars in the same period last year, the growth 152.2% high, and compared with 2,880 thousand US dollars, the growth reached of 19.6%.

This month is influenced by the growing of market’s demands, the total sales are leaded to increase. In addition, the annual growth rate and revenue creates a remarkable high record for5 consecutive months. The new energy policy and green transportation industry drive industry downstream strong demands in 2014, Aleees (5227)’s boom season is coming earlier in Q3, after one year for the OTC company, Aleees hands out an outstanding performance; Since this July, Aleees already hit a historic high record for 5 consecutive months,the impressive growth is much better than the global industries, moreover, it is entering formally in peak season, the revenue of November breaks a phenomenal milestone and wins the LFP champion for no doubt.

Aleees’ LFP cathode materials are broadly implementing in electric vehicles, smart grid, energy saving system, base station, and start battery. The brand new green golden age is beginning. The total revenues of previous eleven months this year is 2,300 ten thousand US dollars, which has exceed 3% than last year, it maintains a high stable contribution for the revenue.

Aleees in Taiwan has already accumulated more than 200 million kilometers of a performance, moreover, it based on key components to create a cross-sectorial cooperation model. Aleees is currentlythe few manufacturers which can provide electric bus full supply chain systemin the world.

 In the electric bus developing system, Aleees in Taiwan has already accumulated more than 200 million kilometers of a performance, the most popular National Taruko electric route is also opened on this month, and this is the first national green electric bus route in Taiwan. Aleees also expands foreign market and manages the market both in Europe and China.    


Aleees continues to enhance the corporate’s value and maintains shareholders’ rights, and implements the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), innovates and develops new products which can help the Earth to more sustainable, and pass the CSR-AA1000 international standard.

This November, Aleees, TSMC and China Airlines were awarded TCSA “Taiwan Top 50 Corporate Sustainability Award” as Gold Prize and also obtains Taiwan Industry KPI “Innovation Improvement Award”.It is a beginning for the responsibility and enterprise mission.

Aleees’ Glorious Achievements:

The Year of 2013:

Aleees won the “National Sustainable Development” award of the Republic of China, in the same year, Aleees was both awarded with the prizes of “Outstanding Enterprise” and “Outstanding Product” in the 10th National Brand Yushan Award.

The Year of 2014:

  • Jinfeng Ten Outstanding Enterprise Award
  • Ten Potential and Excellent Golden Torch Award for Enterprise.
  • Selected by “ Rich Cabinet 50 Index” .
  • Included “ MSCI Global Small-Stock Index”.
  • Excellent Enterprise “ Award of Outstanding” in Tauyuan County.
  • “Taiwan Top 50 Corporate Sustainability Report Award” as Gold Prize, and also obtains Taiwan Industry KPI “Innovation Improvement Award”.