Electric Bus Creates Friendly Environment Aleees Wins Double Prizes

This is the first time Aleees as an electric bus cooperate attended to “TCSA 2014 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards”, and Aleees wins successfully double prizes at the same time, those prizes were given by the vice president- Wu Den-Yih,  Taiwan regional general manger, Sharon Su was representative of Aleees to receive prizes.


Vice president- Wu Den-Yih (left ) gave “Taiwan Top 50 Corporate Sustainability Award” to Aleees Taiwan regional general manger, Sharon Su. / provided by Aleees.


Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE) organized “2014 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Report Awards” which was held on November 25th, after Aleees was awarded 2013 “National Sustainable Development Award”, Aleees, China Steel , TSMC and HTC all win equally “Taiwan Top 50 Corporate Sustainability Report Award” as Gold Prize, and also obtains Taiwan Industry KPI “Innovation Improvement Award”, Aleees deserves highly appreciate from the community.

Dr. Engene Chien, the chairman of TAISE stated, we hope we could use positive energy to encourage industry sustainable development, those achieved cooperates not only should committed to CSR, but also put sustainable development as for corporate development in the first priority. They should create value for industries and shareholders.

Aleees, the electric bus abides to the commitment of human safety and environmental friendly, Taruko National Park is opened the first electric bus route in Taiwan on this November 25th, encourages the public to take zero emission electric bus, and promotes zero carbon travel. Until now, there are 7 Aleees electric buses in Hualien to service the pubic, it is expected to reduce 370 tones CO2 , 320 kg aerosols, in addition to implement sustainable development opportunity.


On this November 25th, Taroko National Park has the first electric bus route in Taiwan. / provided by Aleees


According to the report of KPMG, there are 93% which among global 250 big industries already published corporate sustainable reports, and also encourages corporates to write sustainable report and exposes the information, and implements corporates sustainability. The select process of “Taiwan Top 50 Corporate Sustainability Report Award” is relatively strict from operation, environment, society overall KPI review. Those achieved corporates are almost outstanding sustainable companies, such as TSMC is dedicated to the upper power for the society, Lite-on creates world class citizens, China Steel leads traditional industry into sustainable path, Chunghwa Telecom is the global Top 10 sustainable and successful telecom corporate, and Aleees takes green transportation to build international friendly city for the next generation, establishes a sustainable development model.

Aleees is focus on the LFP cathode materials and charging & swapping system, innovates green energy and transportation, promotes green “Action” in the world, makes a balance with technology improvement, human life and earth sustainability. Aleees compiles the overall corporate sustainable report in three vital perspectives: company operation, social welfare and environmental protection, it participates the competition for the very first time and wins “Taiwan Top 50 Corporate Sustainability Report Award” God Prize and Taiwan corporate KPI “Innovate Improvement Award”, relies on innovate commercial model to implement gas and electricity price equally, fulfills actively CSR and continue to concerns with sustainable issues, in order to face the global sustainable economy, promotes traditional transportation industry to march in green transportation and commercial sustainable goal, and establishes firmly the sustainable corporate milestone.

Aleees continues to enhance the corporate’s value and maintains shareholders’ rights, and implements the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), innovates and develops new products which can help the Earth to more sustainable, and passes the CSR-AA1000 international standard.