Treasure Taroko Park The First Zero-Carbon Electric Bus Station in Taiwan Sets Sail


Taroko National Park has one million tourists which imports the first electric bus route in Taiwan, it is the new bright spot of Taiwan’s low-carbon National Park. Among those 8 National Parks in Taiwan, Taroko National Park electric bus stop sets sail and implement “Air Quality Clean Area”, and it holds Taroko National Park opening press conference on November 13th. The new route “302- from Sincheng Station to Taroko” is opened. In order to encourage treasure national park of low-carbon transportation, and encourage the public to take zero-emission bus. It offers the free ride at the first 6 months. The electric bus can enhance air quality, promote zero-carbon traveling, and maintain canyon recreation quality, moreover, utilize electric bus to protect the beauty of Taroko National Park.

Hualien County spares no effort to build international low-carbontouristcity model. On this July 1st the Hualien bus has entered the new area of electrify. Hualien takes a lead to adopt electric bus to operate “301- Hualien Train Station to - Donghu”, the passengers are more than 600. Taroko bus purchases the highest quality Aleees electric bus which equips Siemens system to operate  On this November, Taroko bus chooses Aleees electric bus with Siemens system which operate national park environmental protection route, and promotes “Taroko National Park Air Quality Clean Area”, this is the first electric bus route in Taiwan. The Don-Hua and Taroko route adopts 7 Aleees electric buses into service, it will reduce 370 tons of carbon dioxide per year, 320 kg of suspended particles, for the environment and sustainable development efforts.Taroko Bus coordinates with the low-carbon transport policy of Hualien County, full line uses of electric buses to service the Hualien area, in order to build a low-carbon electric network in Hualien. This new environmental friendly electric bus route “302- from Sincheng Station to Taroko”, tourists can take electric bus from Sincheng train station to Taroko, and enjoying Taiwan’s backyard. In order to promote low-carbon treasure national park, and encourage the public to take zero-emission electric bus, the tourists can take free ride during next half year, it can reduce diesel pollution and environmental damage, and take the real action to protect our treasure “Taroko National Park”.

Aleees, the leading brand of swap electric bus, equips with the highest standard of Siemens motor system, and has the rechargeable brake power system to enhance battery life, moreover, according to the numbers of tourist, Aleees will input hundreds of electric buses and builds international low-carbon sightseeing city.

Aleees and TSMC both won the “National Sustainable Development” awards in 2013¸and on this September, Aleees was awarded of “Jinfeng -Ten Outstanding Enterprise Award ”, Aleees strengthens consistently vehicle systems and integrates technology, enhances the vehicle safety and innovation, Aleees is fighting unremittingly for green energy transportation and sustainable development.

Aleees continues to enhance the cooperation’s value and maintains shareholders’ rights, and implements the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), innovates and develops new products which can help the Earth to more sustainable, and pass the CSR-AA1000 international standard. 

Aleees’ Glorious Achievements:

The Year of 2013:

Aleees won the “National Sustainable Development” award of the Republic of China, in the same year, Aleees was both awarded with the prizes of “Outstanding Enterprise” and “Outstanding Product” in the 10th National Brand Yushan Award.

The Year of 2014:

  • Jinfeng Ten Outstanding Enterprise Award
  • Ten Potential and Excellent Golden Torch Award for Enterprise.
  • Selected by “ Rich Cabinet 50 Index” .
  • Included “ MSCI Global Small-Stock Index”.
  • Excellent Enterprise “ Award of Outstanding” in Tauyuan County.