Aleees hit the higher revenue of 246% in this October

Benefitting from the promotion of cross-strait new energy policy consistently, the market meets the vigorous demands;the revenue of Aleees(5227)is following growth of 64% in July,growth of 92% in August, and growth of 109% in September, the demands which enter Q4 will be more stronger, moreover, the yearly growth reached of 246%,hit an historic high.

Aleees (5227) announced on 4ththat during the month of October, the consolidated sales were 291 ten thousand US dollars, compared with 82 ten thousand US dollars in the same period last year, the growth of 246% high, it is created the historic highest growing again; however, compared with 308 ten thousand US dollars last month, this October is effected by long holidays for National Day, the sales were comparative decreased slightly of 5% than last month.

Since this July, Aleees increased revenues break the new record for four consecutive months, the total revenues for the first ten months were 20 million US dollars haveexceeded 15 million US dollars last year, the highly stable revenues is keepingcontribution.

Aleees battery material in which industry has the feature of “the bigger, the stronger”, Aleees, with the LFP cathode materials accumulated sales volume has exceeded 5,000 tones,Aleees is keeping ahead of the same industries, and once again showed impressive results. Aleees has arranged consistently the global market, and cooperate with the well-known enterprises which develop for the high-end market. According to the LFP battery industry characteristics, the demands in the second half year are often 2 times than the first half of year. In accordance with the visible orders, the capacity requirements will continue loaded until the end of this year, this second half year will be expected greatly exceed 2 times revenues than the second half of the year. There can be great optimism for this year.

In the electric bus system development, Aleees has already prepared for the next broad-scale new energy market, and it has managed crucial technology in cross strait, and upgrade overall industry technology,expanding the economic scale of industry; So far Aleees has not only already accumulated more than 170 million kilometers of a performance in Taiwan, in addition, it will also implemented the new running route in Taroko National Park this month;Aleees has already entered successfully the electric bus market in China, moreover, Aleees has signed MOU with Jiangxi, Heilongjiang Qiqihar, Nigbo and Yuao, and other cities, and also discuss other opportunities for international cooperation, managing the global market in advance.

Aleees continues to enhance the corporation’s value and maintains the shareholders’ rights, implement the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), innovates and develops new products which can help the Earth to be more sustainable, and pass the CSR-AA1000 international standard.   


Aleees’ Glorious Achievements:

The Year of 2013:

Aleees won the “National Sustainable Development” award of the Republic of China, in the same year, Aleees was both awarded with the prizes of “Outstanding Enterprise” and “Outstanding Product” in the 10th National Brand Yushan Award.

The Year of 2014:

  • Jinfeng Ten Outstanding Enterprise Award
  • Ten Potential and Excellent Golden Torch Award for Enterprise.
  • Selected by “ Rich Cabinet 50 Index” .
  • Included “ MSCI Global Small-Stock Index”.
  • Excellent Enterprise “ Award of Outstanding” in Tauyuan County.