Aleees increased revenues explosively for three consecutive months, the revenue increased 109% in September.

  Aleees (5227) Revenues Rising

    (Period:  June-August, 2014)


Ruentex Group, with the LFP cathode materials for flagship electric bus system.

Aleees  (5227) announced in September 3rd  that in the month of September 2014, Aleees consolidated sales of USD 309 ten thousand , moreover, compared with the same period last year, consolidated sales were increased explosively up to 109%. Since July this year, the annual rate in revenue has created new highs for the three months that followed; the total revenue for the third quarter was 1,775 ten thousand which is more than the total revenue of 1,479 ten thousand for the last year.  Aleees is expected to benefit from the cross-strait policies which it has actively promoted. The demand for energy storage created by the new energy vehicles is very strong. Demand since the Q3 heated up rapidly; strong demand continued through Q4. Due to the there can be great optimism for the next year.

In addition, Aleees battery material in which industry has the feature of “the bigger the stronger”, so the growth rate of Aleees compared with mainland of the same profession is much higher, Aleees material accumulated sales volume has exceeded 5,000 tones,   

Aleees is keeping ahead of the same industries, and once again showed impressive results. The LFP battery with security , long-term and the high stable features, it is generally applied to new energy car with battery which alternate oil energy; according to the LFP battery industry characteristics, the demands in the second half year is often 2 times than the first half of year. In accordance with the visible orders, the capacity requirements will be loaded until the end of this year. It is a bullish market of new energy car with battery, battery for energy storage and 4G base station of terminal application grow quickly. In electric bus development, in order to build the best battery energy system for electric bus itself, Aleees cooperates with Japan Sony which is the best LFP battery technology. The long-term and the consistent battery for cars are manufactured in Taiwan. For the next massive new energy market to arrange firstly the key technical level, and upgrade overall industry technology, expanding the economic scale of industry;So far Aleees has not only already accumulated more than 160 million kilometers of a performance this year, but only entered successfully the electric bus market in China, moreover, Aleees has signed MOU with Jiangxi , Heilongjiang Qiqihar , Ningbo and Yuyao ,and other cities. Aleees has logistic managed both in material and electric bus departments completely, and highly affirmed and supported by the market. It will be the harvest year.