Aleees’ giant LFP-NCO shown in the CIBF!

Aleees group joined the 2010 CIBF-the 9th China International Battery technology Conference/exhibition as an exhibitor from 24th June to 26th June, 2010. The design concept of our booth came from main structure of LFP-NCO, which means that the whole shape could be seen as a LFP-NCO particle, and everyone shuttles through the stand could be performed as a lithium-ion with energy passes LFP-NCO particle in and out. Also, the outstanding styling column which stands in the centre of the booth represents that LFP-NCO from Aleees is manufactured by Li, Fe, P, M ' o, and these four major elements are able to support Aleees’ products better than other cathode materials.

The booth with unique design has attracted not only thousands of people but also hundreds of customers to visit. Through on-site staffs’ kindly explanations on the higher capacity of LFP-NCO, longer cycle life, 6 sigma quality management and Aleees global patent roadmap. , visitors gained a better understanding that LFP-NCO is the current best solution of power cell and were aware the tremendous contribution that Aleees group made to ease the global warming on the planet.

After CIBF, numerous of customers asked for more detailed information by making phone calls and sending e-mails. Some of them even placed orders as the support. Aleees will work together with our worldwide suppliers and customers in order to provide safe and economical electricity energy systems and to make contribution on mitigating global warming.