Edward Chang: Establish Demonstrated Zone; Correct Technology


The Chairman of Aleees stated, we expect various renewable energytechnologiesto be more outstanding, and we suggest the government could establish demonstrated zone as soon as possible during the developing process of renewable energy. That is because the earlier to establish demonstrated zone, the earlier to correct technology problems. As a result, renewable energy will has satisfied service for the Taiwanese public.   

Aleees has been dedicated to developing total solutions for alternative energy comprehensively, focusing on the research of cathode materials of LFP batteries and achieving numerous breakthroughs. Edward Chang believes, no matter which renewable energy we will develop, we have to according to local conditions and find out the suitable and practical methods, and design the useful complementary measures, only we do so, the expected energy saving effect will be exert perfectly.        

Edward stated, the electric bus sales strategies of Aleees are also using the same way, we have to understand the customers’ demands and needs, before the bus selling, we will do the simulation test, and depend on the local weather, habits, customs to adjust bus performance and equipment, we have to make sure that our customers will enjoy the trip and have the best experience on our bus.   

As for the energy strategy, Edward Chang suggested, we always have to think of this question “ energy belongs to whom? ” He believes, energy belongs to the world, not for personal. Climate change is the global issue, so “globalization” is the basic thinking pattern. 

Therefore, the experiences of every country is only for reference, not for duplicate, we have to exhaustive investigate the energy use properties of Taiwan industry, people’s use habit in energy. Ensurethe acquisition, tax subsidy and user charge are institutional level, but the most important of all is how to coincidence social justice, only brainstorming can find the localization practice. We should consider that energy is common property, he suggests that it is the better to adapt “user charge”. As for the renewable energy’s developmentand application, Edward Chang thinks, from the total benefits, renewable energy is relatively cheap. When Aleees innovates and develops the new technology , we also consider to combine our product with renewable energy, in order to formulate global renewable energy solution of urban development. In the future, the number of charging stations will be gradually growing and popularized, moreover, they will also become the best wisdom grid in the city.