Modern Engineering and Technology Seminar Clean Energy Transportation Industries March to the Foreign Mark


The 25th“Modern Engineering and Technology Seminar”(Modern Engineering and Technology Seminar, the abbreviation is METS)held on this November 10thand 11th. The theme issue of this year was “Leading Technology towards Sustainable Development”, METS is holden by contemporary scholars, experts who discuss and share industry and technology for the current vital issues, and the concluding report would be the essential reference for Executive Yuan to develop policies. The vice minister- Jong-Chin Shen shared the direction of clean energy transportation and service industry. He proposed as vehicle and electricity separate operation mode to satisfy the electric bus market of 1,000 cars per year. The Aleees chairman- Edward Chang took charge of the subject and had the discussion about sustainable green transportation, exchanged industry technology and to enhance the innovation capability, moreover, promoted low-carbon energy saving transportation for the global logistic management.   

Jong-Chin Shen made a speech of “Contemporary vital industries policy”, he stated that the electric vehicle industry develop strategy in Taiwan should pursue electric bus, however, the electric bus is on the developing stage, this industry still need to strengthen critical components and vehicle system development, and he used passenger vehicle and bus route as a starting point; he also proposed the integration of innovative business models – the car and electricity separation. He encourages passenger bus to involve in electric bus field, and roots in Taiwan but enter oversea market. Advanced Public Transportation Research Center (APTRC), professor Shyue Koong Chang also mentioned that we should dedicated to construct a green transportation environment in the future, but it needs inter-departmental co-promote, integrates scholars and the experiences of industry practical experiences, exerts national economic tangible benefits. He also stated the premier Jiang’s promotion goal- 10,000 electric buses hit the road within the next ten years.  

During the discussion of “Clean Energy Transportation Systems and Services”, the Institute of Transportation, MOTC- Qiong Wen, Chang described that CO2 emission target sets in 2020 is 34.5 million tones, but in 2050 it has to decrease in 29.7 million tones, and in “Green Transportation White Paper” is more emphasize on the efficiency of enhancing transportation energy, especially in electric bus. In addition, in the subject of “Modernization of Urban Traffic Management, professor Yi-Xuan, Lai in Chuang Hua University proposed “Promote Green Transportation Development of Innovative Financial Models”, and he thinks it should exert the subsidy effectiveness, learn from international examples which merge local integrate thinking, associates with government, passenger bus, energy operation, financial services and manufacturer, reduce the cost of industry purchasing , ensure the quality, focus on core technologies, accelerate the development of clean transportation and march into the international market.  

Aleees is not only apply a comprehensive solution for the electric bus system, but also is the largest LFP cathode materials suppliers in the world, Aleees associates with industries, government, and scholars to promote the clean energy transportation system, manages cross-strait vital technology perspective, enhances the overall core technology of the industry, and in order to expand the local economic scale. Aleees continues to strengthen vehicle system integrated technology, enhances vehicle safety rate and global unique hybrid parallel system. Aleees in Taiwan has already accumulated more than 180 million kilometers of a performance, moreover, it based on key components to create a cross-sectorial cooperation model. Aleees is currently the few manufacturers which can provide electric bus full supply chain system in the world.

Aleees continues to enhance the cooperation’s value and maintains shareholders’ rights, and implements the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), innovates and develops new product which can help the Earth to more sustainable, and pass the CSR-AA1000 international standard.