Social Public Service

We replace the year-end party with a donation & thanksgiving event, where kids are invited to perform in the show from orphanage; with the disabled group playing the music, happiness and touches is added in such donations. We choose bread and food made by these kids of orphanage for gifts in Chinese New Year and other festivals that such combination of gift and public service will send our love far away.

September 09 2013

Joyful Cleaning Tour to Taoyuan Hutou Mountain

Joyful Cleaning Tour to Taoyuan Hutou Mountain

In 2011, Aleees replaced year-end party with volunteer services. Called by Aleees Youth Volunteer Team, employees headed over to Hutou Mountain Park, with alias of Rear Garden of Taoyuan City, picking up garbage and cleaning the mountain for environmental protection.


Hutou Mountain is in the neighborhood of Taoyuan city where facilities including but not limited to mountain trails, cherry forest and BBQ area in the children play yard are built there, which is a good place for public’s leisure time. With a full view of Taoyuan city, moon and stars at night, there will be many lovers dating in the environmental protection park in the mountains for romantic night.

Crowds spending in leisure activities bring business opportunities here, in addition to insect noise and bird voice, there is even shouting voice of vendors additionally in the natural park, which also brings potential concern for the environment. In the park and on the ground, there usually would be unnecessary fruit peel and scraps impeding the beauty of scene; hence, Aleees Youth Volunteer Team decided to organize mountain cleaning event irregularly, in which they took away garbage with original nature left only.

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