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We replace the year-end party with a donation & thanksgiving event, where kids are invited to perform in the show from orphanage; with the disabled group playing the music, happiness and touches is added in such donations. We choose bread and food made by these kids of orphanage for gifts in Chinese New Year and other festivals that such combination of gift and public service will send our love far away.

September 09 2013

Interconnect our Love – Warm & Thanksgiving Party

Interconnect our Love – Warm & Thanksgiving Party

During the year-end period in2012, Aleees Youth Volunteer Team launched a big promotion event of public service at the square in front of the office building, so as to encourage more colleagues to be participants in the public services and experiencing joy therein.


With efforts made by the President Chang and Youth Volunteers of Aleees, a large-scale charity & thanksgiving event never seen before was created. Luckily with the last business day, a variety of vegetables and tea desserts were ready for colleagues.

Over the past two years, Aleees contributed Fanchou Special Education Center and Hsiangchi Special Education Center in Taoyuan physically. In such a warm event, charity sale was also organized that President Chang had a clarion call and liven up atmosphere, crowds of guests showed their generosity donating to those disadvantaged groups we need to help in full love. (All gains in the charity sales this time will be donated to Hsiangchi Special Education Center).

The last but best program in the event was a show performed by “Huenchang Arts Team”. When the sky was getting dark, unfriendly north wind brought bursts of rain; such a group of life warriors dance energy with life, enliven the site with dance; in such dark situation, they distributed shining light that many participants would wipe the tear next to the eyes…

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