Community Care

Aleees’ low-floor electric bus as a whole allows the elders to get onto the bus with one step, where it combines tilt feature of body and slope dedicated for the wheelchairs, forming a design caring for more convenience and freedom the disabled group getting on/off the bus. We serve kids living in the local orphanage and assist the disabled babies in making their dreams of taking a trip come true.

September 09 2013

Children Are Us Angle Concert

Children Are Us Angle Concert

There are always a group of volunteers with love widespread every corner of the society, who create a happy home for children in silence. With the invitation of Aleees Concern, these children have opportunities to perform on the stage and show what they are and hand-made exhibitions to lead a somewhat unique life.


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【Public Service】Aleees launches donation for Noah’s Ark; creation of happy homes for the elders and children.
【Public Service】Interconnect our Love – Warm & Thanksgiving Party by Aleees.

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