Community Care

Aleees’ low-floor electric bus as a whole allows the elders to get onto the bus with one step, where it combines tilt feature of body and slope dedicated for the wheelchairs, forming a design caring for more convenience and freedom the disabled group getting on/off the bus. We serve kids living in the local orphanage and assist the disabled babies in making their dreams of taking a trip come true.

Children Are Us Angle Concert

There are always a group of volunteers with love widespread every corner of the society, who create a happy home for children in silence. With the invitation of Aleees Concern, these children have opportunities to perform on the stage and show what they are and hand-made exhibitions to lead a somewhat unique life.

Being thanksgiving on Mother’s Day! Being with you feels so good.

Although action is limited by the wheelchair, every elder is smart and energetic. The task purpose of Aleees’ youth volunteer team this time is to accompany elders of Nursing Home to Chaimin Temple of Daxi to participate in Buddha Day and Mother’s Day.

Happy Children take E-Bus having tours in High Speed Rail and enjoying a lantern party

With assistance given by Aleees Ark-Electric Bus, Happy Children have chance to be in Taoyuan Station, Taiwan High Speed Railway, one of the fastest train bases in Taiwan, and enjoy an unique journey to 2013 Taiwan Lantern Festival at Special Area of Xinchu Station, Taiwan High Speed Railway.