Cooperation Project

For environment appropriate for our offspring, Aleees sponsors related non-profit organization, supports and engages in initiatives regarding to combat of global warming and reduction of air pollution, making more national people start their concerns of specified issues as to environment, aiming to have full promotion effects of environmental protection through encouragement, education and community participation.

Green Shuttle Service in Novotel Taipei Taoyuan International Airport

Novotel Taipei Taoyuan International Airport is distanced from the airport by 5 minutes of travel, which is the hotel for Taiwan most closed to the world. With another name of national hotel, the shuttle bus plays the most critical role. E-bus cooperates with Novotel in the organization of events including but not limited to Global Earth Day and International Music Day, where the provision of Airport Terminal Shuttle to our guests shapes a good diplomacy of Green “Act”.

Conference of Youth-Taiwan (COYTW)

TWYCC (Taiwan Youth Climate Coalition) organizes COYTW periodically where more youth are enabled to know environmental issues based on climate change in a manner of “youth cultivated by youth”, and Aleees also aims to slow down global warming and support events organized to support Taiwan youth with true actions.

People Power Plant Enters the Campus

People power plant (bike power generator) is a people independent power generation plan proposed by Professor Juju Chin-Shou WANG, Ching Hwa College, Ching Hwa University in 2012, where the bike power generator is installed in the community or campus, leading to self fulfillment of energy mandatory to public life, with concurrence of physical and sport effects.