Environmental Sustainability

of e-bus with which to slow down air pollution and face upcoming challenges of weather change. This is the reason why Aleees Ark-Electric Bus was innovated!

Environmental Target

Aleees keeps going on developing Green Economy in Cradle to Cradle and toward environmental sustainability.


Green Plant

In addition to the product originated from Green technology, Aleees also schemes out configuration of energy efficient, waste-reduction and water-saving facilities, where each process during production is modeled as Green Production Line for Green Plant Certification in the future.


Green Traffic

Green traffic is the trend our transportation infrastructures shall be involved in; we have options including walks, riding bikes and public transportation. Traffic will be defined from “efficiency” to “safety”, “safety” to “environmental protection”, and “environmental protection” to “sustainable development”. For details of reduced CO ² emissions Aleees Ark-Electric Bus has achieved, please click Green Traffic.


Environmental Education

In addition to the class, environmental education is also enabled in daily life. Environmental education shall have more assistance on the business operation allowing all employees to recognize significance of environment, further changing personal habits as environmental protection starts from individuals. We also brainstorm and innovate as full as possible to merge environmental protection into performance of art, replacing serious environmental issues with joy and relax.


Cooperation Project

We sponsor associated non-profit organization to support any initiatives in connection with the war with global warming and reduction of air pollution, aiming to make more public focus on specific case issues of environment. What we are going to do is not only launching environmental movements, but also promoting climate movements.