We keep scheming out any approach to express our care for society and contribution through corporate influence power. E-bus, in addition to its supposed-to-be a transportation vehicle, does not apply oil, so as to slow down global warming with zero carcinogenic diesel exhaust that all of you are protected from inhaling detrimental air. We are making efforts in releasing more e-bus and creating a clean, fresh environment.

In addition that we endeavor driving e-bus into the living area, facilitating public engagement in environmental protection, we also organize charity and thanksgiving activities every year, where the disabled artists and dancers are scheduled for the show, also young people and kids as livers in the orphanage are scheduled to sing and dance on the stage, where colleagues are allowed in the voluntary services to experience how they are touched by giving hands to the disadvantaged. In every critical festival, Aleees Ark-Electric Bus even carries on government’s policy on Green Life activities by Green shuttle services provided to the public throughout cities.

Aiming to inspire Taiwanese students on the electric energy and Green energy science realms, we invite students of associated departments to have a visit trip, getting familiar with Aleees’ core technology involved in the electric energy and Green energy with trial riding on the e-bus representing green future. For the sake of enlightening up more youth in the imagination and innovation of electric energy and Green energy, we are planning in organization of energy storage design selections from 2014, where students are permitted to be innovative in a wide range of power generator system and energy saving system; in the future, works in excellence may also be in mass production for public daily use.