Corporate Culture

Thousands of years ago, Noah predicted the coming of massive flood where Noah’s Ark was built and animals in pairs were sent to escape from disasters for maintenance of species. Today, after thousands of years, threats of global warming and air pollution like flood Noah faced therewith coming to the mankind with survival or death emerged, Aleees creates e-bus as Noah’s Ark in a beautiful city to fulfill contemporary demands without sacrificing sustainability of our offspring.

Aleees promotes Green Actions with green energy development and green transportation globally, balancing between advances of technology, mankind’s life and globe sustainability, also cooperating with non-profitable organizations pertaining to environmental protection, calling on more residents to concern social issues including but not limited to global warming and public health, as well as local disadvantaged, making contributions to local communities and building clean and beautiful homeland.

Subject to ISO26000 guidelines, we analyze the relationship between organizational characteristics and social responsibility, assess and improve actions and practices as to organization and social responsibility, at last, scheme in connection with social responsibility.

For the sake of performing each corporate social responsibility plan, we organized cross-departmental and sector communication on a regular basis to recognize any related critical issue and expand core of corporate culture, people-oriented altruism outwardly and strengthening relationship with a wide range of stakeholders with full deployment of maximum influence power, optimizing our society.