Corporate Social Responsibility

Aleees cooperates with global partners in the reduction of any impact the corporate development might have on the environment with practices, carrying on Green Business and in the full promotion of corporate social responsibility, aiming to leave our offspring a beauty of living environment generation by generation and make our dreams of people and environment coexistence in peace come true.

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Just love the planet with actions!

It is our responsibility to contribute to our society. With video/audio records, Aleees promotes spirit and performance of Green Environmental Protection and all of you are invited to make an in-depth understanding of our efforts and contributions step by step.

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Video clip behind the scenes of activity

Like Aleees Ark-Electric Bus having warmth and love seeds widespread in the city, all of you are invited to join with us giving your hands with happiness.


Story Telling

Aleees youth volunteers’contribution and services

Green Traffic brings beautiful and healthy environment for people; in addition to carbon reduction, Aleees Ark-Electric Bus not only takes actions in Green environmental protection, but also provides shuttle services to the disadvantaged and disabled.

Current Activity

Green Tube Forum

We expect more and more likeminded partners to join Green Innovation Team; hence, through these activities held, we expect to brainstorm more Green ideas and create a Green City with friendly living conditions and energy efficiency.