Aleees makes great effort on providing LFP batteries with excellent quality and strong safeness.


Aleees has been dedicated to developing comprehensive solutions for alternative energy sources, and rely on crucial R&D, the breakthrough design of Aleees’ electric bus comprises the first global parallel power supply module, we create to use key components system of interdisciplinary cooperation model, exclusive high-speed battery swappable service, and we are the few company can supply the whole electric bus chain system. Aleees continues to sophisticate lithium battery technology, manufacturer effective electric bus and striving to achieve green sustainable transportation development.

Aleees endeavors to develop comprehensive solutions for lithium ferrous phosphate batteries and electric bus, we do the research and develop high quality, high price-performance ratio and high cycle life of the LFP cathode materials, the accumulative shipment is over 5,000 tons, Aleees is the leading brand in the global share for consecutive 5 years.

Aleees’ production capability and quality is outstanding. Aleees has always advocated human safety and environmental friendliness, cooperate with partners to reduce aerosols and haze. After Aleees won the “National Sustainable Development” award, Aleees, China Steel , TSMC and HTC all win equally “Taiwan Top 50 Corporate Sustainability Report Award” as Gold Prize, and also obtains Taiwan Industry KPI “Innovation Improvement Award”, Aleees deserves highly appreciate from the community.

In addition, Aleees is committed to providing our customers with safe and reliable lithium ferrous phosphate batteries with excellent quality. Aleees has passed the international certifications such as ISO9001、ISO14001、ISO14064、ISO/TS 16949、OHSAS18001,CSR and AA1000 certification. Aleees masters the lithium ferrous phosphate nano metal oxide co-crystals olivine compound technology (LFP-NCOTEC) and apply them in various fields to initiate the new battery revolution with a power source which brings whole new driving fun and environmental comfort and joy for the hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV, HEV), electric vehicles (EV), electric buses, electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric tools, smart grid, base station, uninterruptible power systems, medical equipment, and home appliances.

Owing to the high performance/cost ratio of LFP-NCO, Aleees has integrated with Siemens in 2010, and sign the MOU with the lithium battery leading brand, Japan SONY in 2014, and jointly to create the top electric bus, implements low carbon route and next-generation sustainable city.